About Us

Welcome to "Finite Telemetry Innovations UG"

Our business is to make sure our customer succeed in achieving their business Digitalization and Transformation objectives.

We do it by creating rich information channels for you, in the form of Enterprise Architecture, Solution Architecture and Business 

Process analysis and design, for your business. We map your business with technology areas including  #PLM, #Internet of Things (IoT), #Industry 4.0,  #Cloud computing, #Big Data & Analytics, #Artificial Intelligence and further extending to Future technologies.

Telemetry Innovations is founded by Mandar Balaji Kulkarni with a strategic long-term vision. The core values of his vision are Customer Success, Trust, Agility, Partnerships and Digitalization.  To help our customers reach their goals, we propose "Faster + better + cheaper + and most important is smarter" ways of leading in business, and to withstand global Challenges.

It takes passion and desire to achieve  new heights. So the core values of  Finite Telemetry Innovations, are build on customer trust and passion for customer success. Highly skilled and professional team at Telemetry Innovations ensure their customer business, not only 'succeed in managing disruptive forces' but also 'provide the sophisticated customer experience to its clients'.

We believe in philosophy, that our customer's success is not optional.  As success is the product of smart and wise decisions based on precise information, so we bring in this value to your business by collecting,converting data into information and knowledge. By analyzing your current business model we propose the Opportunities to be exploited & threats to be managed with systematic approach.

We provide  Enterprise Architectures and process mapping which adds direct and indirect value to your business.

In case of  complex issues, our Solution architecture enables customer's management, to make right decisions with this "Eagles eye-view"  or "Bigger picture" of the business.